How To Back Up Your Photos Online For Under 40 Cents A Year

Data backup at best is kind of a pain. I’m going to show you how to make it less of one by uploading your photos to a service that will keep them and all you have to do is buy one photo every 18 months. This service is Walgreens photo printing service. I’m sure there are other similar services but Walgreens is the one that I use. It’s very convenient. All you have to do is put your camera card with all of your photos on it in your computer, get a Walgreens account and then upload all of your photos to your Walgreens account. Whenever you want to print a photo you just select which photo you want and Walgreens will print it out pretty quickly. Are you then have to do is go to that Walgreens and figure out which Prints you want and buy them. of course you also want to backup your data to an external hard drive or something like that but also backing them up to a service like Walgreens ensures redundancy in case of something like a virus or crashed hard drive.

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Walgreens Photo Center

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