How to Use Firefox

Hey there. I just made a video about how to use Firefox, how to add bookmarks to your bookmark list and how to do simple things like make sure your Firefox is up-to-date and how to clear your history. There are other little tidbits in the video as well and all of them are aimed at a relatively new user. So if you know somebody who is a few tips please feel free to share this video with them. Firefox is a browser and is it is less common then Internet Explorer it is correspondingly less attacked.

If you are careful how you browse than you might be able to forestall the day when you click on the wrong thing and have to call a PC repair technician. If you’re in the Memphis area and you find that for whatever reason you do need to call a computer repair technician feel free to call me, David Bensman, at 901-830-4362.

Get more out of your Google Chrome browsing experience with this helpful video!

This video covers some of the essential elements of Google Chrome how to use them to customize your browsing experience. Erasing your history, putting a home button on your toolbar, putting your bookmarks bar on your toolbar, and to make sure that unwanted extensions are not loaded into your browser they’re all covered in this video. If you have any questions about this feel free to give Bensman Home computer repair a ring at 901-830-4362. We specialize in in-home PC repair and maintenance in the Memphis area.