How To Make Windows 10 Easier To Use For The Differently Abled

Hey there, this video goes over what to do if you have a visual or hearing impairment and want to make Windows 10 and a little easier to use. I go over going into the ease of Access Center in the settings part of your operating system and changing things like cursor size, icon size and setting your graphics to high contrast. These can all make a big difference to people with vision or hearing problems who still want to use their computer.

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Turn your speech into text instantly with a microphone and Google Docs!

Hey folks, I’ve been using this method to create all of my posts on social media recently and it has made everything go a lot smoother and easier. If you are interested in creating text very easily without having to type it out then this video is for you. I’m not a touch typist I know a lot of people out there are not touch typist and this is a way that will allow you to beat touch typists at the typing game by not typing at all. Complete writing tasks just by talking into a microphone and having the computer transcribe everything you’re saying.

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