How To Use An Old Android Tablet Or Phone As An Mp3 Jukebox

This video will walk you through how to set up an old Android phone or tablet to play MP3s on your home theater or on a Bluetooth speaker. This is a pretty straightforward process and will give new life to an old device that may be sitting in a drawer somewhere. These phones and tablets might be unsuitable for regular everyday use but for a single-use that doesn’t require a fast device an old tablet or phone can really shine.

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Eighth inch male to male stereo cable

Eighth inch male to 2 rca male Cable

How To Use Itunes To Import Music From Itunes To Your PC

Lots of people have trouble moving music from their CD collection on the iTunes and so I thought I’d do a short little video about how to do exactly that. all you need is a CD-ROM drive and some music you want to move from a CD to your computer and this video will tell you exactly how to do that. You basically just download iTunes put the CD in your CD ROM drive and iTunes should, with a few key adjustments, allow you to move music from CDs to your PC.
When you’re doing this do make sure that you have a large enough hard drive to accommodate all of the music you’re going to put on. because once you fill up a hard drive much past 75% full it will start to slow down.

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