What To Do If Your Printer Won’t Print

Check out this video I just reduced about printers and what to do when they are not printing. If you have some sort of a printer Jam or connectivity problem or maybe there’s a problem that can be just resolved by rebooting your system this video will go over exactly how to handle all of those scenarios. If you have a problem with Printing and you don’t feel as if you are up to dealing with it yourself please feel free to call me at Bensman Home Computer Repair at 901-830-4362. I do PC repair in the Memphis, Bartlett, Collierville, Cordova and Germantown area and I’ve been in business since 2001.

How To Get The Best Deal Online

Hey everybody! Here’s a nice little video I worked up that will help you get the best deals on the internet for everything you’re looking forward to buying. It’ll be especially useful this holiday season. Just remember that if it looks too good to be true it probably is, so don’t click on something if it looks a bit sketchy. Remember to use Google shopping and always check your prices against what Amazon is offering.

If you need help sorting your computer out then feel free to give me a call if you are in the Germantown, Memphis, Collierville or Bartlett area. I can come to your home and figure out why your computer is not working and I can get it working.

If you need any help with the locked up PC just call Bensman Home Computer Repair at 901-830-4362.

Learn how to backup your data!

Hey folks! This video is focused on teaching you how to backup your data. A lot of people are confused about this subject and it really isn’t that complicated and if you watch this video you will learn how to properly backup your important information. All you need is a keychain drive, a hard drive, or you could even use the techniques in this video to back your data up to something like Dropbox. I have another video where I talk about what is the ideal Device to purchase in order to backup your data so watch that if you are unclear about what your first step should be.

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How to pick The Right Backup Device For You

Here’s a short video explaining the differences between various external backup Solutions and which ones would be the best for whatever situation you’re in. Check out the 256 gig keychain drive. The keychain drives have really fallen in price recently and are a great deal if you don’t need to back up that much information.

If you have any need of in home computer repair and are in the Memphis, Germantown, Collierville or Bartlett region feel free to call me at 901-830-4362. If you need PC repair I can come to your home and help you out while you wait. Stay safe.

How To Avoid The Microsoft Tech Support Scam

Hi there this video is all about avoiding a particular scam that is perpetrated Often by people overseas. If anybody calls you and they say they are Microsoft or they say they are Dell or they say they are the IRS or whoever they say they are. These people are scammers that are preying on people who are not as familiar with computers as they might be and they are to be avoided at all costs. Nobody cares about how your computer is running except for a technician that you have worked with in the past or have a relationship with. So just hang up on anybody that you don’t know who calls you up.

And if you happen to have made a mistake and let one of these people on your computer please feel free to give Bensman Home Computer Repair a ring at 901-830-4362. your PC is always vulnerable when you let other people on it and I can help you repair it if that’s what happened to you.

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Windows Navigation Tips. Resizing and moving windows around for ease of use.

Hi there. This video is a short explainer on how to maximize your productivity in Windows by being able to minimize and resize various windows. I also cover how to move Windows around for maximum usability. If you know someone who is a Windows novice feel free to share this video with them. Also please like this video And subscribe to my channel.

How to put four important icons on your desktop.

Here is a video I just did about four very important icons worth having on your desktop. This PC, recycle bin, control panel, and your personal folder are all icons that can be very helpful to have on your desktop. In this video I go over exactly how to get them onto your desktop and what each of the icons might be useful for.  Of particular note should be this PC which can be used to access your device manager. Device manager can be very helpful if you’re having a problem with your computer and you want to diagnose it. Please watch the video and if you enjoy it please like it and please subscribe to my channel. If you have any computer problem or any computer repair need I can come to your place and help repair your PC while you wait. Please feel free to call me, Dave, at 901-830-4362.

Here’s a short video tutorial on how to cut, copy and paste.

Check out this short explained I produced on cut, copy and paste in a text document. I intend on making more instructional videos so please like them and subscribe to my channel.
Also, if you are having trouble with your computer or have any need at all for PC repair call me at 901-830-4362.