How To Change The Default Password On Your Router

This video will give you detailed instructions regarding changing the default password of your wireless gateway. Whether you have a Comcast or AT&T Gateway that was provided by one of those companies or whether you went out and bought your own Linksys, D-link or Netgear router this instructional video will help you change the default password for that device. It’s of the utmost importance to do so as quickly as possible because hackers are currently trying to get into router so that they can take over your computer. If you found this video helpful please like and share it and please subscribe to my channel.

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What to Do If You Can’t Get On The Internet

Hey there. If you cannot get on the internet then check this video out! In this video on I go over some simple things the average person can do to try to get back on the internet. There are of course a lot more things a trained technician might be able to handle but this video should be pretty accessible to the average person. If you still need PC repair after watching this video then feel free to give bensman home computer repair a ring at 901-830-4362. I’ve been fixing computers in Memphis Cordova Germantown and Collierville since 2001 and I love to help you.