How To Install A Solid State Drive In Your PC

Check out this video. It will detail how to install a solid state drive. It’s a bit blurry but the installation process is so simple that I think it will serve. You really just have two plugs that go into the hard drive and those two plugs come out of your old hard drive and go into your new hard drive and can only go in one way in one place so check it out!

If anybody is in the Memphis, Germantown, Bartlett, Collierville or Midtown area and you need a solid state hard drive installed or really any type of computer repair help please feel free to call me, Dave Bensman, at Bensman Home Computer Repair, at 901-830-4362. I can come to your home and fix your computer while you wait.

Create a Windows 10 Installation Media Download Link

How to Create a Windows 10 Installation Media

Samsung 860 Evo

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Monitor Buying Tips

Findong a monitor can be somewhat confusing is there are a lot of models out there. This video will show you the main criteria you need to focus on in order to get the best monitor for your needs. Features such as internal speakers and USB ports our concern as is the size of the Monitor and the type of ports that it has. Check out this video and you can get your own monitor with confidence.

If you are in the Memphis, Cordova, Millington, Bartlett or Cordova area and you need a known computer repair please feel free to call me, Dave Bensman, at Bensman Home Computer Repair at 901-830-4362. I can come to your home and fix your computer while you wait.

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Which Phone Should You Buy Android Or Iphone

Check it out! This video runs down all of the reasons why you might want to buy an iPhone or an Android phone. There are lots of consideration such as what type of operating system you feel most comfortable with, or how much storage space you need. I talked about the lack of internal storage space and the lack of headphone jack on iPhones and also I go over the differences in displays and cameras. Check it out if you’re not sure which phone you would be best served by.

If you need help with this or any other computer issue and you are located in the Memphis hey, Germantown, Cordova, Bartlett, Midtown or Millington area please do not hesitate to call me at Bensman Home Repair Computer at 901-830-4362.

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What is the Best Printer For You?

Buying a printer can be tricky. Hopefully this guide will help you navigate different options available when you are choosing your next printer. You might need an inkjet, you might need a laser printer. You might need scanner you might not. You might need color or monochrome maybe a okay for your projects. Whatever your needs there is a printer out there that can fulfill them and by choosing the right printer you can save money on ink. Keep in mind it is your consumables cost not the cost of the printer that determines total cost of printing. If you need a printer installed, or if your printer is not working, feel free to call Bensman Home Computer Repair. If you are in Memphis I can hook any printer up to any PC you might have. As always please like my video And subscribe to my channel .