How To Backup The Pictures On Your Camera

A lot of people with cameras that have SD cards in them don’t know how to get their pictures off of their camera and onto their computer. This video will detail how to do exactly that. Most PCs these days have SD card readers in the front and it’s simply a matter of pulling your card out and popping it in the SD card slot in the front of your computer and transferring the data. Check out this video for detailed instructions on how to do this.

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How To Use The Microsoft Store In Windows 10

Hey everybody! This video details exactly how to use the Microsoft store. This is a really great place to download new apps, Games, books, movies, Etc. You can find things to download that are free or that you can pay for. And there really is a lot here to take a look at. In addition to that a lot of apps now we’re going to be able to be downloaded only through the Microsoft App Store like iTunes. Please share this video with anyone you think might appreciate it and like it if you do and please subscribe to my channel.

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