About Me

My name is David Bensman. I am the owner and prime technician for Bensman Home Computer Repair in Memphis, TN.

Bensman Home Computer Repair has been in business since March 2001. I hope to expand and grow even more in the years to come.

I've been married since 1997 to my wife, Saiko Yamauchi, and we have a beautiful daughter together. I went to the University of Memphis and earned my Masters degree in English, then became a foreign teacher of English in Japan. When I'm not helping customers, I enjoy Aikido and cooking.

My biggest dream right now is to have the Bensman name associated with home computer repair throughout the minds of people in Memphis. When asked about my key to success. I always say, "I never want to make the same mistake twice, but instead learn and grow into a better provider of service for my customers each and every day."


  • University of Memphis- Masters Degree in English
  • Married since 1997
  • Brown belt in Aikido
  • Bensman Home Computer Repair in business since 2001


  • Germantown Chapter BNI
  • Aikido Society of Memphis


  • Great communication skills
  • Computer repair expertise


  • Aikido
  • Cooking
  • Electronics

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