What To Do If Your Monitor Does Not Show Any Image

This video will show you what to do if you turn on your computer and you do not see an image on your stand-alone monitor. It could be your cable, your monitor or it could be your video card if you have one or if you don’t you’re onboard video. Process of elimination will be all you’ll need to figure out what the issue is. Make sure you grab an extra monitor cable or two. You may also need to run to your local Big Box store to get a new monitor to test out the situation.

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It Might Be Time To Cut The Cable Cord

In today’s video I discuss whether it is a good idea for you to cut your cable cord and move to the streaming services. This is generally a good move for a lot of people. It just depends on your viewing habits. I go over all of the major streaming services and how they differ from each other. I also discuss the best option for equipment to use for streaming.

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