What To Do If Your Computer Is Locked Up

This video is essential because it explains what to do if your computer locks up. Computer lockups are very common and dealing with them can be pretty simple if the root cause is not catastrophic. A PC will lock up from time to time but if you’re computer locks up more than once every couple of months you may have a significant problem and if you live in the Bartlett, Collierville, Germantown, or Memphis area I can help resolve that problem. Just call Bensman Home Computer Repair at 901-830-4362 and I can come to your home and fix your computer issues. Please like and share this video and subscribe to my channel.

How to pick The Right Backup Device For You

Here’s a short video explaining the differences between various external backup Solutions and which ones would be the best for whatever situation you’re in. Check out the 256 gig keychain drive. The keychain drives have really fallen in price recently and are a great deal if you don’t need to back up that much information.

If you have any need of in home computer repair and are in the Memphis, Germantown, Collierville or Bartlett region feel free to call me at 901-830-4362. If you need PC repair I can come to your home and help you out while you wait. Stay safe.

Windows Navigation Tips. Resizing and moving windows around for ease of use.

Hi there. This video is a short explainer on how to maximize your productivity in Windows by being able to minimize and resize various windows. I also cover how to move Windows around for maximum usability. If you know someone who is a Windows novice feel free to share this video with them. Also please like this video And subscribe to my channel.