What To Do If Your Computer Is Locked Up

This video is essential because it explains what to do if your computer locks up. Computer lockups are very common and dealing with them can be pretty simple if the root cause is not catastrophic. A PC will lock up from time to time but if you’re computer locks up more than once every couple of months you may have a significant problem and if you live in the Bartlett, Collierville, Germantown, or Memphis area I can help resolve that problem. Just call Bensman Home Computer Repair at 901-830-4362 and I can come to your home and fix your computer issues. Please like and share this video and subscribe to my channel.

Turn your speech into text instantly with a microphone and Google Docs!

Hey folks, I’ve been using this method to create all of my posts on social media recently and it has made everything go a lot smoother and easier. If you are interested in creating text very easily without having to type it out then this video is for you. I’m not a touch typist I know a lot of people out there are not touch typist and this is a way that will allow you to beat touch typists at the typing game by not typing at all. Complete writing tasks just by talking into a microphone and having the computer transcribe everything you’re saying.

If you need in home computer repair in the Bartlett Collierville Germantown or Memphis area maybe your PC needs maintenance call Dave Bensman at Bensman Home Computer Repair at 901-830-4362.

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How To Buy A New Computer

Hey everybody I just produced this video that is great for people who are thinking of buying a computer and maybe a little bit confused as to which one would be suitable for them. I’ve been helping people purchase and set up computers for 18 years and I enjoy sharing my expertise with anyone who needs the help. In short there are three types of computers most people are going to be looking at and one of them is completely to be avoided. Check out the video for more details.

If you need to purchase a computer and you want some assistance from a seasoned professional computer repair technician feel free to give me a ring at 901-830-4362. I can set your computer up exactly the way you want it so that your transition from your old computer to your new PC is seamless.

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How To Avoid The Microsoft Tech Support Scam

Hi there this video is all about avoiding a particular scam that is perpetrated Often by people overseas. If anybody calls you and they say they are Microsoft or they say they are Dell or they say they are the IRS or whoever they say they are. These people are scammers that are preying on people who are not as familiar with computers as they might be and they are to be avoided at all costs. Nobody cares about how your computer is running except for a technician that you have worked with in the past or have a relationship with. So just hang up on anybody that you don’t know who calls you up.

And if you happen to have made a mistake and let one of these people on your computer please feel free to give Bensman Home Computer Repair a ring at 901-830-4362. your PC is always vulnerable when you let other people on it and I can help you repair it if that’s what happened to you.

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Windows Navigation Tips. Resizing and moving windows around for ease of use.

Hi there. This video is a short explainer on how to maximize your productivity in Windows by being able to minimize and resize various windows. I also cover how to move Windows around for maximum usability. If you know someone who is a Windows novice feel free to share this video with them. Also please like this video And subscribe to my channel.

What is the Best Printer For You?

Buying a printer can be tricky. Hopefully this guide will help you navigate different options available when you are choosing your next printer. You might need an inkjet, you might need a laser printer. You might need scanner you might not. You might need color or monochrome maybe a okay for your projects. Whatever your needs there is a printer out there that can fulfill them and by choosing the right printer you can save money on ink. Keep in mind it is your consumables cost not the cost of the printer that determines total cost of printing. If you need a printer installed, or if your printer is not working, feel free to call Bensman Home Computer Repair. If you are in Memphis I can hook any printer up to any PC you might have. As always please like my video And subscribe to my channel .

How to Use Firefox

Hey there. I just made a video about how to use Firefox, how to add bookmarks to your bookmark list and how to do simple things like make sure your Firefox is up-to-date and how to clear your history. There are other little tidbits in the video as well and all of them are aimed at a relatively new user. So if you know somebody who is a few tips please feel free to share this video with them. Firefox is a browser and is it is less common then Internet Explorer it is correspondingly less attacked.

If you are careful how you browse than you might be able to forestall the day when you click on the wrong thing and have to call a PC repair technician. If you’re in the Memphis area and you find that for whatever reason you do need to call a computer repair technician feel free to call me, David Bensman, at 901-830-4362.

Get more out of your Google Chrome browsing experience with this helpful video!

This video covers some of the essential elements of Google Chrome how to use them to customize your browsing experience. Erasing your history, putting a home button on your toolbar, putting your bookmarks bar on your toolbar, and to make sure that unwanted extensions are not loaded into your browser they’re all covered in this video. If you have any questions about this feel free to give Bensman Home computer repair a ring at 901-830-4362. We specialize in in-home PC repair and maintenance in the Memphis area.

How to put four important icons on your desktop.

Here is a video I just did about four very important icons worth having on your desktop. This PC, recycle bin, control panel, and your personal folder are all icons that can be very helpful to have on your desktop. In this video I go over exactly how to get them onto your desktop and what each of the icons might be useful for.  Of particular note should be this PC which can be used to access your device manager. Device manager can be very helpful if you’re having a problem with your computer and you want to diagnose it. Please watch the video and if you enjoy it please like it and please subscribe to my channel. If you have any computer problem or any computer repair need I can come to your place and help repair your PC while you wait. Please feel free to call me, Dave, at 901-830-4362.