How To Avoid The Microsoft Tech Support Scam

Hi there this video is all about avoiding a particular scam that is perpetrated Often by people overseas. If anybody calls you and they say they are Microsoft or they say they are Dell or they say they are the IRS or whoever they say they are. These people are scammers that are preying on people who are not as familiar with computers as they might be and they are to be avoided at all costs. Nobody cares about how your computer is running except for a technician that you have worked with in the past or have a relationship with. So just hang up on anybody that you don’t know who calls you up.

And if you happen to have made a mistake and let one of these people on your computer please feel free to give Bensman Home Computer Repair a ring at 901-830-4362. your PC is always vulnerable when you let other people on it and I can help you repair it if that’s what happened to you.

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