How To Use An Old Android Tablet Or Phone As An Mp3 Jukebox

This video will walk you through how to set up an old Android phone or tablet to play MP3s on your home theater or on a Bluetooth speaker. This is a pretty straightforward process and will give new life to an old device that may be sitting in a drawer somewhere. These phones and tablets might be unsuitable for regular everyday use but for a single-use that doesn’t require a fast device an old tablet or phone can really shine.

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How To Find Your Missing Android Phone Or Tablet

Just a quick video here explaining how to recover a lost Android phone. using this website you can find out very easily where you’ve misplaced your phone. You can also erase of phone remotely. All you need is the username and the password of the account that is on your phone and you can log into that account remotely and have a great deal of control over that phone even if it isn’t in your possession. It’s very easy to use and definitely something everybody should have in their bookmarks.

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Find My Android Device

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